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Terms of reference


Short title

  1. This Order in Council may be cited as the Commissions of Inquiry Order (No. 2) 2012.


  1. This Order in Council commences on 1 February 2013.

Appointment of Commission

  1. UNDER the provisions of the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1950 the Governor in Council hereby appoints the Honourable Richard Chesterman AO RFD QC from 1 February 2013, to make full and careful inquiry, in an open and independent manner, into the implementation of the Queensland Health payroll system with respect to the following matters, and having regard to previous reviews of the Queensland Health payroll system implementation, including the KPMG implementation review and the Auditor-General of Queensland’s report titled Information systems governance and control, including the Queensland Health Implementation of Continuity Project (2010):
    1. the adequacy and integrity of the procurement, contract management, project management, governance and implementation process;
    2. whether any laws, contractual provisions, codes of conduct or other government standards may have been breached during the procurement and/or implementation process and who may be accountable;
    3. the contractual arrangements between the State of Queensland and IBM Australia Ltd and why and to what extent the contract price for the Queensland Health payroll system increased over time;
    4. any recommended changes to existing procurement, contract and project management (including governance) policies, processes, standards and contractual arrangements for major Queensland government information and communication technology projects initiated in the future to ensure the delivery of high quality and cost effective products and systems; and
    5. any other matter relevant to this review.

Commission to report

  1. AND directs that the Commissioner make full and faithful report and recommendations on the aforesaid subject matter of inquiry, and transmit the same to the Honourable the Premier by 30 April 2013. (Subsequently extended to 31 July 2013)

Application of Act

  1. THE provisions of the Commissions of Inquiry Act 1950 shall be applicable for the purposes of this inquiry except for section 19C – Authority to use listening devices.

Conduct of Inquiry

  1. THE Commissioner may hold public and private hearings in such a manner and in such locations as may be necessary and convenient.


  1. Made by the Governor in Council on 13 December 2012.
  2. Notified in the Gazette on 14 December 2012.
  3. Not required to be laid before the Legislative Assembly.
  4. The administering agency is the Department of Justice and Attorney-General.